Window Theme

Next to Madewood 1982A window theme was required for a certain art competition that I entered in Morgan City, LA in 1982. I had this little house in mind for the painting and had my husband cut the mat for it as if it was the window panes over this painting. It took him half a day to get it just right. The idea came from one of my bad photos that I took while at Madewood plantation at a workshop for watercolorists with Edgar Whitney. It was so cold that day so I stayed inside and took the photo looking out of the window, therefore the window panes were silhouetted.  I got an honorable mention on the painting and then discovered the same little house on a art magazine cover  in 1989  How odd that the subject I painted appeared on an art magazine cover, in the back ground of the painting, by another artist from another perspective.Next to Madewood