Louisiana Swamp in Ink

swamp-in-ink-line4Just last week I came across an old print in my portfolio that I hadn’t seen for a long time.  I scanned it into my computer and set it up as a desktop image for the time being. That sure is nice way to  enjoy my work this way. I love to put my own images of my paintings on my computer monitor to enjoy for awhile.  This particular image is an ink sketch that I did in 1979 of the swamp, and I have lost the companion scene that goes with it.  Well, my son has a copy of it so at least I can get it scanned from him.  Anyway, this week I got an e-mail from someone back east who bought copies of  both these prints at a garage sale and contacted me to find out the value of them since they were hand signed by me.  The buyer got a bargain and only paid a dollar for each!  There is more to this story, but will maybe share that at another time.  As for now I want to get thru the swamps (my paintings of the south) and soon start sharing the art that I have produced since I moved back to southern California.