Those little books.

Tiny Golden LibraryAnother incident that I remember while I lived in that big house on the hill was how fond I was of this little box of books that were only 2 x 3 inches big, and incased in a neat little holder for the 10 of them. I would read them at nap time and loved to hear the sound of a small plane flying over, such a soothing sound to me to this day. Well whatever happened to those little books I’ll never know, they were gone out of my life for many years. Well the neatest thing happened when one day I was shopping at one of my favorite places in the Grossmont mall, the nutrition store which had all kinds of stuff other than vitamins… here was a little box just like those little books I used to have when I was a little kid! That happened about 1990 if I recall. I got to re-read all those little stories again, and have enjoyed using the little library as pictured here below with my little grand-daughters at this time, Hannah, Mackenzie and Zoe.