For the Cows!

southern-collection-4Being a native Californian I never heard of a syrup wagon. Our art class from Studio One in LA was invited to one of the student’s home ( her name was Vera), and the view from her property near a bayou and cow pasture had this old shack and syrup wagon and berries on the fence and a huge oak tree. That tree was so big around the trunk that it would take 6 men, arm by arm to go all around it. I did a charcoal sketch of this scene and just as I was finishing up, a horse came and posed in the overhang behind the house. I don’t remember who bought this particular painting, but from the photo that I took that day I was able to do a nice 9 x 12 oil painting that I have never wanted to sell. With the white sky that appeared that day I cleverly put in some of the white colors to keep it from being so boring.  And the red syrup wagon was there in the field for the left overs from the sugar cane factory for the cows to come lick the drip.  The red color was very nice with so much greenery around.  I  kind of miss all the green and all the rain now that I am living in southern California!