The Quilt Pieces

quilts-selections-33When I was a teen-ager I did a lot of sewing, therefore I had a lot of scraps of fabric to use in quilts. My granny would teach me how to sew pieces together to create a design and she would do the quilting. I have about 4 of those quilts from my granny and two of them have my scraps in them. I treasure them very much with so many fond memories of all the different kinds of fabrics from the 50’s and 60’s. These are quilts that are now 45 -50 years old! (I am now patching and mending some of the areas on them from wear and tear!) About a year ago I was formulating my Artist Statement, explaining what it is that I do and about my work, and it dawned on me that way back when I did a lot of sewing as a young lady I had selected fabrics that were like my art is today!  Here is a sample of one of the fabrics I chose, and you can see loose color with black outline to the image.  (Yes, that is an apple slice!)  There are other samples that I could show, but just this one is all I need to show here.   I had no idea that I have been fond of this type of art all these years! After all I am now in my 60’s!