Heritage Park, San Diego, CA

The Back DoorBed and Brkst HouseIt was such a surprise when one of my friends showed up at one of my art shows and bought the painting of an old victorian that I painted in Heritage Park, San Diego. The Front DoorShe said she just bought the old claw foot bath tub from that white color victorian which was up for sale and so she just had to have that painting which I named “Bed and Breakfast House.”

That painting was painted on location years ago and it was a challenge for me to duplicate all the different greens in the back ground landscape.

I was lucky that a couple came out and had breakfast on the front porch while I was painting this scene. They were good models as they were reading their newspapers and having coffee. Of course, they didn’t even know I was painting them!  I bet by this time in history that house has been painted a different color and I heard that it isn’t even used as a bed and breakfast place anymore.

Copy of Tea House (2)Across from that  bed and breakfast victorian is a tea house known as Mrs. Burton’s Tea House.  I was with a group known as the Wednesday Painters from Robert Landry’s class that went to paint at this location and I painted a view of the front door that particular morning and then that afternoon I did the back door view. It was a golden color house, but has now been painted green as I noticed one time when my friend and I had tea there. What a fun place it was.  Like some of my places I’ve painted or photographed, look what happened!  The color changed!