That precious brush!

One of the things that I remember when I lived in that house upon the hill was that my daddy would weekly make some big signs for his produce business, specials of the week were made on big sheets of butcher paper and with this big brush that had me totally impressed with what it could do!  I watched as he worked and used our big deep-freezer for a table top.  The very act of dipping that brush into paint and then watching it flow so effortlessly to make the signs he needed, and watching him make some posters, I was saying to myself, “I could do that! That looks like fun!”

My dad was an artist.  He would buy what is called oil-cloth table cloths when he was a young man, and paint some scenes on the back side of the cloth which was kind of cheap for a canvas,  and sell these large paintings for only 50 cents, of course that was back in the days when Coke was only a nickle!  So, my dad was an influence on my desire for painting.   When he didn’t need that big brush anymore he gave it to me!  It is one of my dearest treasures, and I used it a lot, and it got very worn out, so he repaired it to make it last longer.  I think he only paid $6. for it, and in today’s market it would sell for $60. and I am so proud to have it.  It is a 2 inch watercolor brush and still works well and you can see how he used copper wire to wrap around it and nailed it downprecious brush.