Splashes of Joy!

Book by Barbara JohnsonIn November 2010 I was hanging up my art show at the San Carlos library . There were books in one area of the exhibit room that were going to be sold at the next book sale, one of them caught my eye, it was by Barbara Johnson who writes very humorous books. I needed one like that so that I could read it while I was in the hospital as scheduled in December 2010. I was able to buy this book for just 50 cents!  I was so excited to get home and show it to my husband.  The next day my granddaughter came over and I shared it with her and after that I never saw it again for over two months, and looked and looked for it, couldn’t remember where I put the book. As it turned out, I really didn’t feel like reading it anyway after having another back surgery, and besides, I didn’t have to stay very long in the hospital after that surgery.

Well, I ended up taking every book out of my library shelves and doing a thorough cleaning and still couldn’t find that book! One day, I was going through all the music that I have stacked up on a little table by my piano and on the bottom of the stack was this book!!!  Splashes of Joy! Oh my goodness! I couldn’t wait to tell my husband that I finally found it. As it appears, I must have had a good time while my granddaughter was visiting me and absentmindedly had no idea what I was doing with whatever. There it was! What joy, the joy of getting forgetful in old age is finding something later where you had forgotten where you put something!