Somerset Studio Apprentice article

StretchI am so excited I feel like doing a big stretch like this one of my neice, Kaili! I will soon be publish in a Somerset Studio magazine this coming Spring and today I finished the two articles that I was asked to write about my coffee collages to be used in the publication, Apprentice. SOLD! (2)

Here is a pic of one of my coffee themes but not one that will be in the magazine. My new passion is creating collages of emphemera and found objects, making an interesting composition on canvas and using acrylic paint. I don’t believe I will ever give up my talent for watercolor, but am glad to find a way to express with stuff too precious to toss out. It could be known as ‘junk,’ but to me it is treasure!

For the past four years I have been accumulating all kinds of stuff that I find out on my walk.  I have so much stuff now that I have had to organize it and put it into boxes and drawers so that when I’m ready to start a new collage I know just where to find a certain object.  Even if I don’t find an object, I can use my own pics that I print out in black and white, cut it out and apply it to the canvas and paint on it.  It is so much fun to create and put together a piece of art that comes about as I come up with ideas on how to aesthetically use junk and stuff!