show box

When my brother was 12 and I was 10, we invented a show piece to share with the neighborhood kids. We took a box about the size of ones that apples come in and we put a rod through each end of it and it would scroll the scenes we had on paper to show the story we would tell. When we lived in that big house on the hill, in the basement we would find these big sheets of paper about 9 by 14 inches that were the order lists for my dad’s produce business ( he bought from the L.A. market to distribute to our town businesses) and we would draw the scenes on the back of the sheets like cowboy/desert scenes that we would see on Hop a long Cassidy movies and tape the sheets together to make a long roll to wind on the rods that were inserted in the box. The box had a window cut like the old t.v. monitor shape so you could see the scenes change as we scrolled through the story.

I think we would charge a nickle for each kid to come view our show!