Pumpkin Patch Summers Past Farm

not turned over yetOn Friday, Oct. 7th I went to paint the pumpkin patch at Summers Past Farm and noticed this very large yellow pumpkin in the background of the view I was painting with a scarecrow and bales of hay.

one got turned over (2) - CopyThe next day I went to paint again and took some more photos and then noticed that I had another story to write using the title, “Look What Happened!” That large yellow pumpkin got turned over! The proof is in the dirt that is seen on it! That must have been hard to turn over since it was so large.

one good pumpkin patchPeople enjoy picking their own pumpkins and it is very interesting to see such a wide variety of pumpkins in just one field. God is awesome to be such a creator of so many different shapes, colors and forms and the artist is never bored by looking and observing it all. Variety keeps me from being bored. Like art, the kind people like, it takes all kinds when you see abstracts and realistic art that is just as great, I like the suggestive kind of art that leaves room for imagination!

Pumpkin PainterLois Brody took this picture of me.  When the artist of the garden is found people like to get her picture!P Patch 11