Proof of the Fish

FishWay back when I was in Marie Wordell’s watercolor class in the late 1980’s, we had a lesson about Gyotaku. It has to do with putting paint on a real fish and then stamping that onto paper to prove how big your fish that you caught actually was.  That way no one could exaggerate how big their fish was!

I did not like the smell of fish and refused to do the lesson even tho I went to class, I didn’t stay very long. One of my friends in the class did a gorgeous painting of the fish and didn’t want to keep it, so I bartered with her and gave her one of my rag doll prints. Her name was Valerie Jungck. And now, years later, I happen to live in a mobile home park, and found a friend (Dani)that I like to walk with, and her former room mate was Valerie. It’s a small world sometimes! This painting is enjoyed in my husband’s office and I love it!