Plein-air On The Bayou

church_on_the_bayouSomewhere on the road to Patterson, LA. was this little church not too far off the hi-way. I thought it was interesting to paint there, and no one was around, but I assumed it was a church for the black folks, and wondered how it could till be standing with a crumbling foundation which was just pillars of bricks, most of them missing, and imagined that when they stomped and danced in church service that more brick would be crumbling away,and coming loose! Mercy!  They had an out-house or two, with one of them showing a torn roof, with the tin lifted up so one could actually peek in!!  There was a plain light bulb over the door, and a window fan in the window.

bayou-church2I’m certain the folks who attended there were quite poor because there was a lot of work to be done to fix it up, but probably they had a good time in their worship service. I did this little quickie watercolor out there, hurrying and hoping no one would see me or get me!  How brave I was to be alone there and snoop around, finding a bayou canal behind the little church. That church needed a paint job, but it got painted by me the plein-air artist!