My First Time with Oils

tole paintingcraft artWhen I moved to Morgan City my kids were in school and so it was my time to get into some kind of painting and so the only thing I could find was a class for tole painting. The class was offered at a gift shop with craft classes. So this was my first attempt to try using oil paints. I could do very well with all they had to offer, but decided I didn’t like staying in the lines! There was no room for expression and I was borrowing someone’s design to paint into. This always got me up-tight and worn out and no fun even though I could do some pretty work. What stress, trying to stay within the lines!  The items shown here were some things I did for my mom, and I did the orange milk can at a later time and still have it. Notice the one with black outlining on the girl.  That was one thing I always liked to do, but I was eager to get into doing something original with my way.