My Dad’s Painting

When my dad was a young man he would use table cloth, sometimes called oil table cloth, and paint on the back side of that cloth which had a weave somewhat like a canvas.  He was not very good with perspective, but could sure do the landscape nicely.  He would go around the neighborhood and try to sell these 36 x 18 inch paintings for 50 bonds-family-19601cents!!!  wow! times have changed, I’m doing good to get at least 50 cents a square inch for my paintings.  In this photo taken 1960 is one of his paintings on the wall, and my family, and on the fireplace mantel is a photo of my family in 1950.  Mom insisted we have a family portait taken every 10 years.  I am sorry I never got one of my dad’s paintings when he passed on, but at least I have some of them showing up in photos like this one.  After he got married and started a family there wasn’t any time for him to paint. At  this time in history, my middle sister (the one sitting on the arm of the chair) and I are the only ones left living.