Little Kailynn

fairy kailynnI went to the Fairy Festival at Summers Past Farm again this year. It is such a delight to seekaitlynn painted all the little girls wondering around in their fairy attire. What fun! I painted some ‘quickies’ of some of the little girls and then I was asked to take photos and do a painting of them at home. I like commissions. It is always a great hope that the buyer will like what I did.
The crowd got so big this year at SPF because this has become a very popular event. I don’t like crowds, so I decided to leave early and not stay. As I was leaving, with my painting gear all packed up, a lady hollered at me, calling my name, and I looked to see who it was… She asked if I had to leave, please don’t, I want you to photo Kailynn again and do another painting of her this year. I am working on her painting at this time, but here is the painting that I did a year ago of her. And also the one I just finished for this year.  She is only 2 years old and is very lively.