Campo Rd. Spring Va. CA view

little yellow hs campo rdlittle yellow house (1)The first five years we were back in California we attended Faith Chapel in Spring Valley, and they had this darling little chapel down on the lower part of the property and up above that area was this little yellow house that I selected to do a painting of.  The day I went to paint it,  up came the wind, and the weather was changing, but I proceeded to get the painting done anyway. Some years later, they tore that little house down and built the new facility, a huge church now exists up on that hill where the little house used to be.  I had no idea it was going to be  torn down, and so here’s another story of what I paint, something happens to it!  If there was a title for a book of such stories it would be “Look What Happened!” This particular painting is in my personal collection and I love the way it expresses the mood of the weather. The whippy wind was making me do quick blobs and hurried strokes as worked on getting the essence of this place.