Pismo Beach House

Pismo House A lot of my cards with images of Summers Past Farm are for sale in their gift-shop barn, and are very popular. To have other subjects for my cards, I have plans to make a set of cards, 10 to a box, of the houses I have painted through the years.  I’ve painted more portraits of houses than I have of people in my career and so I started to put together the collection for this set of cards to be printed. I usually take a digital of all my paintings, and every now and then find that I forget to do one, and just this morning, looking at my gallery corner in my living room, there was one I forgot!!!
It is of a house in Pismo Beach where we have spent some of our vacation time along the beach. And, being fond of the upper perspective, that is, looking upward and finding something up high has always been something that I think would make a good painting. After all, I lived in the flat swamps of Louisiana for 10 years and never could see beyond the tree tops! So coming back to California (1982),I found a lot of subjects to paint that were higher than the tree tops!