Wedding Colors

Our WeddingToday we celebrate 48 years of marriage. How I thank God for my husband, Jack who is enjoying a game of golf this morning and I am enjoying the sunshine in my studio! We have plans for the afternoon, and dinner will be at a very special place. As far as we are concerned, it doesn’t get any better than this because we are so happily married!From seeds

As I was painting this morning in the studio I randomly put down the colors that were in our wedding, blues, greens and purple.  As an artist I should say violet instead of purple!  These are the colors that are so soothing to me, and were so comfy for a wedding in the hot month of August.

I was blessed to have parents who said to plan what ever you want for your wedding. So when it came to planning my colors, I discovered I liked the cool colors of blue, green and violet.  I had all the blues and violets of delphiniums for our flowers and it was hard to find a florist who would deal with such flowers and I selected tiny blue flowers (forget-me-nots) to be in my bridal bouquet which was a white orchid with other white flowers, and the florist for got the forget me nots!!!!  (as in this pic)