Mt. Helix Cross

Mt. HelixI was cleaning off some shelves the other day and came across this little painting of the view of Mt. Helix in La Mesa, CA. I never did frame it or show it in any exhibits, but decided to use it here for a story.
When we moved back to California in 1982, we settled in a home on the south slope of Mt. Helix. Trying to find my way away in this new area of San Diego and with streets that don’t make sense in most of La Mesa, it was that cross on top of the hill called Mt. Helix that helped me find my way around.
I was employed as a distributor of art supplies that were delivered to various art classes and learning the routes was quite a task for this newcomer to the San Diego area. But if I could see that cross on the hill I knew which direction to take!  I always hoped the clouds didn’t cover it because just seeing which side of the cross could be my guide sometimes.