I-125 at Mission Gorge Rd.

That sounds kind of painterly! Today is a cold, windy and rainy day and I’m reminded of this little painting that I did many Februaries ago. I was coming home, off of the freeway and there before me was this scene that I took some mental notes of and as soon as I got home I rushed to my watercolors and got it down on paper, that cold and dreary look that I had just seen. Doing a painting from a memory is such a challenge and I love to have the ability to record the visual moment that I experienced. Today is March 17th, but I’m reminded of that cold day of February and dipping into my paints, spreading the colors onto a damp watercolor paper. I love the effects of how watercolors behave and having the control of making something happen. This is a painting that I wouldn’t dare put into a frame and put up for sale because it is a precious memory of experiencing a moment in time and being able to enjoy it later in life and having a digital image of it to share with those who care to see what it is that I paint. Painting is precious!