Donna Zagotta’s Watercolor Paints

Looking at this new set of opaque watercolors gets my inspiration juices flowing! What yummy colors!

When I was browsing through an art magazine I found this painting by Donna Zagotta and it made me wonder how she came about doing what she does with paint. I found a DVD by her and learned that she uses all these juicy colors by Holbein, and can paint like it is oil paint, not having to save the white areas in the painting. How exciting! And then I found that she was a guest at the SDWS to do a demonstration.

I bought all the colors she used, but was intimidated to plunge in and get busy doing her way of painting. My new palette keeper and new paints just kept waiting for me in my studio for 5 months until I finally got the nerve to dip in and get going. Once I dipped in and got started on a painting using the new paints I thought I had stepped into a new window of something divine! Oh my goodness! What a thrill and how exciting, I felt like a kid in a candy store! So now I’m on my way to new flights of adventure and creating with new sense of painting like never before like in this floral painting with pomegranates.