Foothills Art Association demonstrator

alizarinI was invited to do an oil painting demonstration for the Foothills Art Association for this month. I was glad I was wearing my painting apron. I also wear plastic gloves and I use a cloth rag to do whatever wiping needed as I paint. While I was painting I didn’t know the bottom corner of my rag had dragged across the pile of alizarin crimson on my palette of oil colors. Pretty soon the rag accidently dragged on my arm, in the wrong area of the painting and also a big glob was on my apron. The audience was laughing because I made such a mess! Those who paint with oils understood and knew that alizarin can be a disaster and can easily get all over the place if you aren’t being careful. Oh dear, what a mess, but I was able to take care of it and just turned over the top of my apron so it didn’t show and I used a clean rag and had some extra gloves. I enjoy sharing and showing what can be done with paint, but not this kind of a thing!!! On my apron you can see the messy dark red color, that’s the alizarin color.