Charles N. Sharpe Painting

what CNS selectedI was asked to do a painting for Charles N. Sharpe, the president of the life insurance company my husband worked for in the late 70’s. Charlie said to paint whatever you want and wait for the inspiration to come when you know what he would want. It took me a couple of months to figure out what to paint for him. So, I chose this particular barn that existed in Gibson, LA. The next time I attended one of my husband’s life insurance company’s sales meeting in New Orleans, I was priveleged to put on an art show. The meeting room was filled with about 15 of my paintings. When Charlied arrived, he asked me where was his painting and I said, ‘you find it!’  He looked over the whole exhibit, and pointed to the right one!  How did he know? I guess it was that inspiration that came to me one day when I was daydreaming!  What a surprise.