Halloween Siamese Cat

Kat on fenceI had back surgery July 7th and that is all healed up and okay, but it has left my right foot kind of numb and my knee hurting. I am going through a lot of medical tests and have been dealing with a lot of pain for the past three months and my studio has been neglected, collecting dust. Perhaps the doctor will find a solution soon to all my pain since I can’t walk very good, neither can I run, so it is true, I stay behind!  I hope to get caught up with all my creative ideas waiting to be formed from my studio.  For the time being, I found this quote to share:

Behind every image is a moment,

Behind every moment is a memory, and

Behind every memory is a story.

Just as I had finished this painting of the barn at Summers Past Farm (about 9 years ago), the kitty jumped up onto the fence post and wanted me to include him in the painting.  I’m glad that I was able to do that because it just made the story complete.  Who said the cat has to be black for Halloween?  Well, it was pumpkin time and so the title of this painting is “October Barn”