Chapman Estate of Shell Beach

house with lighthouseA couple of years ago I found this enchanting house out on a cliff in Pismo Beach area and was glad I had my camera and could get some shots of it. Later, as I thought about getting a painting done of that house I looked at the image and would feel depressed because the lighting was boring on a gray day. Well, just recently I was in the Pismo Beach area and had in my schedule a block of time to go re-photo that place, and almost forgot to! So my husband hurriedly drove me to that house, going down two wrong streets trying to figure out how to get there as we had forgotten, and the sun was going down and I was afraid I’d get there too late. Luckily I got there in time for the sunset and the lighting to be better, and what a neat surprise, there was a man walking by with his dog and I happened to ask him if he knew anything about that house. Of course! He lived right across the street from it and said he had been PICT0026in it. Timing just right, and lighting just right! He said that there were lots of other artists who had painted that place and I was lucky to find out some information about it. The Chapman Estate of Shell Beach.