Flinn Springs Article

Flinn SpringsFlinn Springs is an area in eastern part of the county of San Diego, and because I paint at Summers Past Farm which is located in Flinn Springs, I was interviewed for an article that appeared in the Reader. The title for this particular article was “A Great Place to Stop, Settle and Hide Out.”

Rosa Jurjevics,  who interviewed me for this article thought that I lived in the Flinn Springs area, but I don’t!
I was telling Rosa that I take the seniors who attend our uptown area church in Hillcrest to Summers Past Farm for a day trip so that city folks can enjoy in the country atmosphere.  And, it turned out that Rosa thought that I was talking about senior high school girls, not senior citizens!   Oh well, it is true that Summers Past Farm is my favorite ‘get away’ a place to go relax and enjoy the country air and paint. I’ve been painting there for 11 years and love it. There are a lot of things to paint there and to enjoy, and my paintings and cards are for sale in the big barn gift shop at the farm.