About me

These paintings were inspired by and painted at Summers Past Farms in Flinn Springs, CA- The first time I found Summers Past Farm it took me a couple of hours to decide what to paint! Everywhere I looked, whatever I saw, was a choice for a painting! When the owner of the farm, Sheryl Lozier saw my work, she wanted to sell my paintings in her barn gift shop. Now for 29 years I have been her Artist in Residence and many art collectors are enjoying my work, the paintings that I paint on location at the farm. Here are some little watercolors that are my typical style as I enjoy painting in this lovely garden place in Flinn Springs, CA. 

“I am more interested in painting from my heart. My intention is to express my interpretation of reality.”
— dixie

When Dixie was a child, she would watch her daddy paint signs for his produce business. As she saw that big brush flowing with paint it developed an eagerness in her to want to paint. When she was 8 years old, she had her first set of paints and she would copy scenes from her childhood books. As she grew up she didn’t want to just copy anything but had a desire to create original paintings.

When Dixie’s two kids were little her family moved to Morgan City, Louisiana where her husband had a deep sea diving job. Her husband bought her an easel and told her to get whatever she needed and learn to be the artist she always wanted to be.

Dixie found an art school and learned a dozen different techniques to use for oil paintings. She also paints with acrylics and watercolors. Through the years she has studied with many different masters and attended workshops of which her favorite was Edgar Whitney.

In 1982, the family moved back to our home state, California. While living in San Diego she found the Wednesday Painters led by Robert Landry and that is how she found the most charming place to paint, Summers Past Farm. The owner loved her style of painting and sells her work in her gift shop barn.

Dixie has demonstrated for various art groups and also taught classes. She has been published many times and is an award winning artist.

As a multimedia artist who also creates collages, Dixie says there is more than one way to paint!

Contact me for commission work: dsampier@gmail.com

Photo by Elwood Nickerson


  • A Castle and a Crown by Wendy Morrison (Teen Challenge) features Dixie’s painting of T C Castle (RIGHT)
  • Herbal Vinegars by Sheryl Lozier of Summers Past Farm
  • When the Moon is Full – Folklore of St. Mary Parish, LA , published by the St. Mary Parish Social Studies Council
  • Wings of the Wind – the poetry of Diana Wallis Taylor
  • Land of Sunlight – Contemporary Paintings of San Diego County, James Lightner
  • Apprentice by Somerset Magazine, published by Stampington pp 22-27 and 128 – 131